ETI FAB is a full-service metal fabricator and machining facility located in Westfield, Indiana. Being part of the ETI Network of Companies, it allows for expansive engineering resources that includes mechanical, firmware, PCB Board, and electrical engineering designs. Our company has over 50 years of accumulated experience in metal fabrication industry. We pride ourselves as trusted and reliable, one-stop shop for all metal fabrication, printed circuit board and full electrical assemblies of controllers, sensors, PLC and wire harness. 

One stop shop for all metal fabrication services


Operating in a 30,000 square foot environmentally controlled facility, our resources include of advanced CNC equipment such as mills, lathes, laser, turret punch, robotic welding, multi axis press brakes and stamping presses. Additional process offerings are complex assembly, inventory management and direct shipment, packaging, and logistics.

Advanced Production Quality Planning procedure and comprehensive inspections

APQP is utilized to comprehensively review drawings and program specifications. The part drawing is loaded into RADAN Fabrication Modeling software that performs analytics of optimal material usage, most efficient layout, and provides instant part-specific CNC programming. Production inspections standards are instituted in every sequential process step to confirm the quality of the product. Special characteristics are highlighted, giving the operator visibility and control of critical dimensions. This provides the unique feature of customizing part production to meet the most stringent requirements. Receipt of raw materials includes a receiving inspection process to ensure accurate sheet dimensions, surface finish and review of material certifications. Part samples are produced to quickly confirm dimensional requirements to ensure the part meets the drawing specifications. This step would include the use of the KEYENCE vision system to maintain part to part consistency. Using speed as our weapon, with the drive to eliminate variation, we deliver products on-time meeting the most demanding schedules.

Our buyers

Our buyers operate in various industries, our customers specialize in semiconductors & circuits, appliances, heavy truck, enclosures, medical, telecom/satcom, and many more. Their businesses vary for large publicly traded companies down to small privately held businesses. We transform concept, to blueprints, to manufactured finished products. These products, manufactured in the USA, have contributed to improving the quality of people’s lives. Our direct impact has improved everyday living with water conditioning, global communications, security and transportation. 

Our suppliers

Our suppliers are trusted businesses that maintain a long history of providing highest quality at a competitive price. We desire to utilize quality registered companies. Our suppliers are also our partners as they provide a crucial step to any part launch. They are part of the ETI family, and we provide strong referrals and valuable advice to our suppliers.

Our people

One team is how we manage and operate. Nameless and moving with speed, our team is the most asset of the ETI Network. We’re grateful to have an amazing collection of teammates, partners and customers that we reference as one team.

We are your trusted, one-stop sheet metal fabricator and private label manufacturer in Indiana.