Trust. Respect. Change

Our objective is to become the trusted metal fabrication manufacturer. Our own guiding principles revolve around three main values: trust, respect, and change. By applying these principles, we not only promise to deliver precision products, but our commitment is to provide an amazing customer experience. 

Our core values are:

Safety. Trust. Quality. Willingness to Change. Respect



Our number one commitment is the health and safety of our team. We are committed to providing a safe and clean work environment. In compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), we maintain our facilities to the most stringent standards and keep it safe from hazards and toxic chemicals. We also remain committed to cleaning and disinfecting. Our team is required to complete safety trainings and wear protective gear before working.



Our philosophy is built and engrained on trust. We hold our relationships with integrity. Acting as servant leaders, our team is committed to fulfilling and delivering promises on time.



We want the most demanding jobs as we pride ourselves on finding quality ways to manufacture complex parts. It’s simple, we provide high quality products with precise detail and dimension. From receiving raw materials to producing the final product, we use a variety of advanced inspection methods. We also establish quality gauges for product to ensure the quality standard is upheld.


Willingness to change

To improve, we want feedback from all our shareholders that includes our team, customers, and partners. We are happy to receive feedback and always strive to continuously improve. We also desire to be innovators to eliminate stagnancy. Therefore, we’re willing to be flexible and embrace change and challenges.



We respect and treat each person as our family. We make every effort to understand others’ needs with the objective to build mutual trust.

Company cultures:

 Based on trust and performance


Performance-based pay

Safety, productivity and innovation come when team members are rewarded for what they deserve. Therefore, we apply compensation based on employee performance.


Positive atmosphere

Accountability is core to our work. Our environment is nameless, so we never embarrass our team members for mistakes or suggestions. Each team member is responsible to look out for one another, keeping each of us safe and motivated. We always show our appreciation every day and celebrate wins and success.



Our team is our family. No matter our race, color, national origin, age, disability, religion or sex, our foundation is inclusion and diversity that fosters respect and a willingness to care for one another. We strictly follow non-discrimination and anti-harassment policies in our workplace. Any harassment or discrimination will not be tolerated.



Right to be heard

We listen to and honor our employees voices. We always review and make the best adjustment based on the appeals of our team members. 

We are your trusted, one-stop sheet metal fabricator and private label manufacturer in Indiana.