Trust. Respect. Change

Our objective is to become the world’s most trusted metal fabrication producer. We established our own principles around three main values: trust, respect, and change. By applying these principles, we not only promise to deliver precision and durable metal fabrication products, but also provide the best customer experience.

Our core values are:

Safety. Trust. Quality. Willingness to Change. Respect



We always keep our facility safe and clean from hazards and toxic chemicals. We make sure our facility is cleaned and disinfected every day. All employees are required to complete comprehensive training, including health training and wear protection equipment before working. 



Our philosophy is built on trust. We’re building our relationship with partners based on trust. We also commit to fulfilling and delivering our promises on time.



We pride ourselves on providing high quality, durable, and precision metal fabrication products. From receiving raw materials until final products, we use a variety of advanced techniques and technologies to inspect the quality of products. We also establish a customized quality gauge for each product to ensure they exceed the standard.


Willingness to change

Feedback matters. We are happy to receive feedback and improve ourselves. We desire to be innovators. Therefore, we’re willing to take risks and embrace challenges.



We respect everybody we met and treat them as our family. We also make every effort to understand others’ needs and do our best to build and maintain mutual trust.

Our company cultures:

 Based on trust and performance


Performance-based pay

Productivity and innovation come when team members are rewarded for what they deserve. Therefore, we apply different types of compensation based on employee performance.


Positive atmosphere

At ETI FAB, we’re accountable for our work. We never make our team members feel embarrassed or blame them for their mistakes. We always show our gratitude and appreciation every day. We also celebrate wins and success.



No matter what race or personal background, we welcome everybody to come onboard and treat them fairly and respectfully. We strictly follow non-discrimination and anti-harassment policy in our workplace. Any harassment and discrimination will not be tolerated.


Right to be heard

We listen to and honor our employees’ voices. We always review and make the best adjustment based on the appeals of our team members.