We pride ourselves on manufacturing all of our products in the USA. We offer the highest quality standards, precision, and built-to-last metal fabrication products. While others can source their materials from unknown countries, which are produced in dangerous, heavily polluted processes, to further increase profit margins for themselves, we pledge to only use materials from well-known US suppliers and produce them in our facility.

By manufacturing in the USA, we’re able to offer a competitive price compared to other companies in the marketplace. It also allows us to invest in highly advanced technology and equipment to improve product quality and reduce the lead time of each order. Applying strict quality control measures to every aspect of our processes, we always ensures consistent quality, even in high-volume orders. At ETI, we recycle most of the materials and have an internal recycling program to control excessive pollution levels. By choosing ETI as your supplier, you are supporting The American workforce and contributing to providing a safe and cleaner environment for your children.


We are your trusted, one-stop sheet metal fabricator and private label manufacturer in Indiana.