For decades, U.S. manufactured goods have been considered the best on the planet. After years of stagnant growth in the manufacturing sector, Made In America is roaring back.

It’s with great pride that ETI Fab adds its name to the list of new manufacturing companies to open in the United States over the last three years. 

Located in Westfield, Indiana, ETI Fab is a global leader in the Metal Fabrication industry, specializing in: 

  • Sheet Metal
  • Machining
  • Welding
  • Assembly
  • Decorating
  • Injection Molding 

ETI Fab opened its doors to the public today to show businesses in Westfield and throughout the midwest the new facility and wide range of metal fabrication capabilities.

ETI Fab, CEO & President, Ben Crawford discusses plant capabilities with an open house attendee.

Ben Crawford, CEO & President of ETI Fab, stated, “U.S. manufacturing is on the comeback, and ETI Fab is positioned to be a global player in the metal fabrication industry.” Crawford added, “We couldn’t be more excited to have chosen Westfield as our first plant location. The entire community, including the City of Westfield, the Westfield Chamber of Commerce and local businesses, have welcomed ETI Fab with open arms.”


ETI Fab is a subsidiary of ETI (, a manufacturer of environmental controls and sensors, based in Southbend, Indiana.