Robot Welding for metal fabrication


In an effort of improving safety, accuracy and repeatability, The ETI Network of Companies is proud to announce the latest acquisition of an OTC Daihen Robotic Multi-Station Weld Cell. With “Speed is Our Weapon”, the new Cell diversifies the types of steel, stainless steel and aluminum used at the ETI FAB facility located in Westfield, IN. Along with the new cell, Camtek Optisolutions software was chosen to accurately and efficiently produce tooling and fixtures to support the Robotic Weld Cell.  This allows the team to create and design prototype and production fixtures in-house.

OTC Daihen, Inc. has a long history and is well-known for precision, quality, and minimal weld splatter. “Automation and the concept of the Smart Factory is a goal that we strive towards building every day at The ETI Network of Companies. First and foremost, the new weld cell enhances safety while significantly increasing part production. Further, we strive for continuous improvement in product quality, reliability and reducing variation in our processes.  Our goal is to be responsive to customers everchanging needs.” – Ben Crawford, President and CEO of ETI.